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Why Facebook ?

By July 24, 2017 No Comments

Recently there was an article in the Wall Street Journal that caught my eye.

The story was about how facebook has helped people who have gone through loss connect with others.

When my young son suddenly died there was no social media. I was faced many a night with my thoughts and pain alone.

Knowing that speaking of our son’s death would only add to my husband’s heartache.

I sat silently wrapped in grief, going over and over my son’s short life.


How many times can you call a friend and cry? You feel uncomfortable “bothering” them. And down the road they don’t always call you knowing your child will come up in conversations, remind you of your loss, and bring your day down.

We know there is no reminding.

Grief is always there, like an old record with a scratch going over and over the same melody.


Then facebook appeared. Twenty-four hours a day you could go on line and express yourself to others in groups who have also lost children. There was no need for back–story they knew what you were feeling about that empty space at the table.

Yes, at times I think facebook’s overuse of animal videos and political statements gets tiring but when you can connect to others who were once in your place and now have become torchbearers that is beautiful and good.