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When is the Time?

By January 19, 2018 No Comments

It’s snowing today in the mountains of Idaho, that soft gentle snow you see in romantic movies. All I need is some romantic music to replace my dishwasher’s rumbling.

Winter takes away many distractions and at the same time narrows your focus on certain events.


Is it me or are more young people dying lately? If I think with my human-ego it would say, “They were too young to die”.

On the surface it seems so unfair.

We are so afraid of what we don’t know and yes, that is a very human thing.


If it’s hard for us to move to another town, change jobs, change schools or get a divorce how can we wrap our minds around the finality of death?


From the beginning we bond with our mothers and fathers, family and friends. That bond is hard to transfer to spirit when death appears.

But death is not the end game. In fact there is no end game. Yes, the spirit leaves the body but it is pure love and energy and knows when its time is complete here on a physical level.

Spirit knows by leaving it has not only completed its journey here but it has ignited a new path for you. A new path of enlightenment and growth for those they loved and will continue to love in the purest of sense.

In time, you must be brave to walk that path.