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By February 16, 2017 No Comments

“Wishing and wanting

to see you,

I step on thin ice.”

–  Madoka Mayuzumi

Coming out of one of those big box stores I witnessed a man leaning over to carefully zip up a small yellow snow jacket. The boy was looking up at his dad with practiced patience, nether one paying attention, each thinking their own thoughts.

I never thought about this but that particular morning it made me pause and think how we do so many things out of habit each day. We are always in a hurry to move ahead and get to the next task. Not really paying attention to the “now”.

This often happens raising children in this over-scheduled world.

I don’t know what caught my eye that morning. We observe those acts daily, shoes being tied, noses being wiped and hair being fingered combed by moms going somewhere.

We take much for granted in life. Those simple memories make us pause and wish we had a do-over.

For those that have lost someone special we must honor them by being present and continue loving ways towards others.