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By September 14, 2017 No Comments

The evening news begins. We are shocked at what we see.

TV pictures float through our minds as we aimlessly peel potatoes or finish a business report. What can we do?

Maybe it’s because of the recent hurricanes, but I started thinking about Noah’s ark.

Did the town’s people look at Noah carrying boards and bossing his family around?

Did they laugh as they looked up at the sunny sky with no chance of rain? What if someone had walked over and said,

“Noah you seem so intense. Can we help you with anything? Why this urgency neighbor?”

He is too busy to chat and besides they never talked to him before.

People would whisper as they drank their goat-milk lattes, “That Noah, what is he thinking, water covering the earth, ridiculous, how embarrassing for his poor wife.

They went back to tending their farms and planning for Saturday’s mulled wine potluck.

And then, one day, they said, “Oh s…”


How can we really have empathy for others?

Do we need to worry about everything and everyone?

What if you could feel the intensity of someone else’s pain for just one single minute, to truly gain empathy?


Try watching a minute tick away on your phone it’s a long time.


I don’t know if I could do it. I like to think that I’m an empathic person but would I go so far to actually feel the profound pain of another? How would that change me? I have been to the extreme pain place after the loss of my son and yet if I had to feel a family truly suffer from hunger, war or death I don’t think I could go there.


Take a moment, pray and meditate on the damaged lives of others. By doing this, grace will lift us up and give rocket fuel to those who cannot empower themselves this day, this moment.