About hundred years ago when I was a young married woman everyone who was a mother received a carnation at mass.

I did not have children and felt awkward and left out. Crazy right?

Shouldn’t everyone receive a carnation because they were women? Women who helped friends, made soup for neighbors or drove someone to a doctor’s appointment?

Everyone is put in categories.

Now I’m in a different category, a mother who has lost a child.

It has been years since my son died and even though that day is a gentle reminder of our bond it still brings a pang.

So when Mother’s Day approaches remember this, this beautiful person who called you mother blessed you.

And for those who know a mother, who has lost, don’t forget her. Give her the gift of you remembering her child. You are not making her sad. She remembers every breathing moment of that day and the days that followed. She wonders if friends think about what she has lost. Do they remember what a wonderful child she had? Give her a hug. Send her a card letting her know that she is a warrior to you and her child made a difference in this world.


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