Facing a tragedy in your life and working through it on a daily basis takes extreme dedication. I have found that the only true way to work through the pain of any loss is to face it head on until you become the master of it. – Vicky


This is a memoir of a mother’s perspective of a harsh reality, which blends a sense of humor and wonderfully insightful, poignant observations. The reader is immediately immersed. in the individuals, and the ups and downs of the daily struggle of adopting children later in life in the I 990’s. The main characters, a professional couple in their 40’s, in a strong marriage, adopt two young boys. We share their frustration and joy in equal amounts as their lives change to accommodate their new beloved children. Tragically, one of the boys wiII not survive beyond his 10th birthday.

The reader experiences a myriad of emotions from laughter to anger; fear to a sense of wondering and questioning. Vicky writes in a wise, funny, insightful, hopeful and spiritual way. Her words will move any reader. Ultimately, one knows there will be a tragedy but the author skillfully takes us through the journey so that once we are facing that tragedy with her; it is with a sense of grace and understanding.

“I began reading Vicky Bate’s manuscript with just a bit of trepidation. I was anticipating yet another heartrending, dismal and wearisome story about the death of a child. However; after reading just a few pages ,I realized I had worried without cause. Vicky’s wit, candor; and strength shines a light in spaces usually filled only with darkness. I am glad I read Empty Jacket. I am better for it.”

Sandy Goodman, author of
Love Never Dies:  A Mother’s Journey from Loss to Love